Drug store Makeup Addicts

10 Things Every Drug store Makeup Addict Understands

You have a drug store dupe for every high-end product in existence.

Anyone who loves makeup knows there are some makeup products that are better than ever, but often, people assume that if it’s high-end and “designer,” it’s good, and if it’s a drugstore buy, it’s automatically not as, well, good. But if you’re a drugstore makeup fiend, you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are all the undeniable truths that drugstore makeup addicts know for sure.

1. Twenty dollars for foundation is waaaay too expensive. Actually, anything in the double digits warrants a strong side-eye from you.

2. You get extremely offended when drugstore makeup is expensive. Like, if I wanted to pay an arm and a leg for my eye shadow, I would have gone to Sephora.

3. You have a drugstore dupe for every ~fancy~, expensive product. And in most cases, it’s just as good.

4. And your YouTube viewing history reflects that. It pretty much consists of “Drugstore Makeup Haul” and “100% Drugstore Makeup Tutorial” videos.

5. You’ll defend drugstore makeup with your heart and soul if someone tries to downplay it. You hate comments like, “I know it’s more expensive, but it just works better than anything from the drugstore.”

6. You wish you could try the makeup on because if it doesn’t match your skin, returning it can be such a pain.

7. Then again, you are not above exchanging it for another color with no guilt at all. It’s their fault they don’t have samples.

8. You definitely have opinions on which drugstore brand are best.  Whether you think Milani has the best poppy colors or Neutrogena is the best brand when it comes to protecting your pores, you absolutely have brand loyalty.

9. You hate when people assume that just because you only wear drugstore makeup, it means you’re not a makeup expert. The price tag doesn’t determine your skill level. And any true makeup pro has a bag full of drugstore brands in addition to their more high-end palettes.

10. You know that how flawless your makeup looks ultimately comes down to pure skill…

And you’re just as flawless with or without makeup anyway.

By: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/a52694/things-every-drugstore-makeup-addict-knows-to-be-true/

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